At Mayvin, the statement "People Matter" is more than just a hashtag or tagline, it is the way we talk, interact, and respect each other. This is evident through our firm belief in maintaining upstanding business ethics and morals, and always treating individuals with dignity and respect.

With the governing belief that "People Matter," we acknowledge that our company achieves its success through the efforts of each team member. The quality of our service depends on the ability of our employees to perform each task in a proficient and cost-effective manner. Mayvin supports our employees by providing opportunities for career advancement through training and/or education, as well as constant communication and feedback. Our newly constructed collaboration center is a great outlet for creative thinking and has improved our evolving business process. We encourage and generate new ideas by trusting our people to deliver.

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Company culture is an important aspect at Mayvin. Each new employee brings a fresh perspective and skill set that is highly valued and cultivated. Every Mayvin employee, consultant, and subcontractor who work directly or indirectly with the company are required to fully understand, accept, and comply with our ethos, business values, and corporate morals.

Our vision at Mayvin is simple - To deliver operational excellence globally while demonstrating leadership, knowledge, and integrity. To do this, we operate under the following guiding principles - which we abbreviate as "ARTICLE".

ACCOUNTABILITY - We take responsibility for our decisions at the individual and corporate levels.
RESULTS - We move quickly into action after wise planning, and produce tangible results for our clients.
TEAMWORK - We create value through teamwork, treating one another with dignity and respect.
INTEGRITY - We adhere to the highest ethical code of conduct, which encapsulates sincerity, honesty, and dependability.
CUSTOMER FOCUSED - We put the mission of our clients first. We will find a ‘version of yes’ to support their needs.
LEADERSHIP - We advocate leadership roles that uphold professionalism, responsibility, and motivation.
EXCELLENCE - We promote continuous learning, quality improvement, and innovative practices to achieve mission-driven results for our clients.

The Mayvin brand is unique and is implemented well beyond the office. Our employees are constantly engaged in charity events to support our armed forces and their local areas outside of the work place. For more details please visit our Facebook and Twitter sites.

We challenge you to find another like us!

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