Operations Services


Mayvin offers a comprehensive toolkit of operations support ranging from high OPTEMPO daily operations management, to intelligence collection activities. Our approach encompasses conception, development, and execution of proven solutions that optimize organizational performance and situational awareness.

CONOPS and TTP Development

  • Provide operational context to examine and validate current capabilities
  • Examine new and/or proposed capabilities to solve current or emerging problems
  • Blend knowledge and techniques to produce flexible tools for structure and guidance of TTP development process

Operational and Tactical Intelligence

  • EOD, forensics, collection, exploitation, and training
  • Biometric Enabled Intelligence
  • Expeditionary forensics supporting intelligence, targeting, and prosecution

Mission Planning and Development

  • Strategic communications and understanding of operational language
  • Liaison between offices, clients, agencies, etc.

Staffing Support

  • Manpower management
  • Source field experts who epitomize the Mayvin spirit for learning

Technology Assessment, Integration, and Evaluation

  • Provide planned and ad hoc independent assessments of programs RDT&E, execution, and risk
  • Identify and provide input regarding needed changes or improvements for T&E strategic plans

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