Research & Analysis


Mayvin offers evidence and intelligence to leadership essential to operations, projects, and training. We are able to provide analyses from a new and fresh perspective, directly resulting from staffing individuals with unique experiences and skillsets.

Collection, Exploitation, and Training

  • Report on information trends
  • Integrate up-to-date data and trends into training to maintain current situational awareness
  • Collect and disseminate relevant information to specific clientele
  • Deliver critical information to eliminate outside threats

Research and Development

  • Explore areas of research to produce viable new and alternative materiel solutions
  • Identify capability gaps and deliver process improvement options
  • Develop capabilities doctrine to outline a logistically supportable and technically mature solution

Operational Energy Support

  • Subject matter expertise on DoD operational energy initiatives
  • Assessment and training of operational energy concepts and associated equipment
  • Mission analysis, problem solving, and solution development

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