Global Reliance on SOF

The reemergence of global security threats that most thought ended with the ‘Cold War’ era has reinforced a world-wide reliance upon NATO forces to serve as the primary threat-deterrent on the European continent, with an increased dependency on NATO SOF for ‘less-than-total-war’ operations.

All modern SOF requires training and proficiency in modern state-of-the-art tactical, operational, and strategic subjects spanning the entire SOF operational continuum – from overt direct-action missions against an armed and aggressive enemy to teaching indigenous and partner forces to defend their homeland.

Mayvin’s role in these events is to help our nation by assisting our NATO partner forces with access to top quality, operationally proven, U.S. based, SOF focused training programs.   

The Mayvin Team provides knowledge of former senior SOF Operators whose combined SOF specific experience totals hundreds of thousands of training hours in subjects including aviation operations, military free-fall, open sea and riverine infiltration, and all tactical ground force subjects.

Included in this experience is 30+ years of operational deployments to every theater of war that the U.S. has deployed to from 1982 through the present day.

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Services offered through Mayvin’s International SOF Training Program:

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  • Assault and sniper marksmanship training

  • Hostage Rescue Operations
  • Offensive/defensive driving skills in both an urban environment and off-road through desert terrain

  • Military freefall skills in urban, open desert, or mountain environments

  • Offensive/defensive EW and tactical cyber operations from ground stations and airborne platforms.

  • RW/FW aviation training: includes tactical movement, logistical loadout, and CAS

  • Mayvin partners with U.S. universities to provide area specific upper-level cultural programs for senior SOF NCOs and Officers to prepare them for advanced assignments.”

Mayvin Staff Principals served as senior military leaders overseeing the most demanding Assessment and Selection Program within U.S. Army SOF and have helped many U.S. and foreign military partners to develop Assessment and Selection Programs specific to their national needs.

Mayvin possess the following experience with SOF Assessment and Selection:

  • Development of Assessment and Selection Human Predictability Models in collaboration with Organizational Psychologists to establish measurable standards for SOF soldier selection (Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Department of the Army Civilians).

  • Management and ensured adherence to Assessment Course standards for multiple annual assessment and assessment programs for Army Special Operations Forces.

  • Development of assessment and selection programs for all facets of a
    military organization:

      1. Operational
      2. Staff and Support Soldiers
      3. Civilian employees and technicians
  • Development of new and immensely successful assessment venues designed to ensure accuracy and relevancy for generational candidates.

  • Increasing and improving recruiting programs

George H. Bush thanking Mayvin’s
Sam “Slammer” Joseph

Sam “Slammer” Joseph Bio

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Contact Information: ATTN: Sam Joseph/ Mendy Bianco |

Nine Mile Training Area


  • Carbine range (calibers up to 7.62 X 51) with props Shooting from Vehicle Ranges

  • Five pistol ranges complete with steel targets

  • 1,000 M known distance range (up to .50 BMG)

  • 240° 2,000 M unknown distance range (up to .50 cal)

  • 1,000m heavy weapons range

  • 360° Fire and maneuver range (up to .50 BMG)

  • Live Fire Mobility Ranges

  • 90° high angle shooting range

  • CAS / CFF ranges


  • 10,000 Lb. Range

  • Live-fire Shoot-House/Urban Village


  • 5,000 Ft. C17 AF-Certified (pending)

  • 3,400 Ft. Air force certified desert landing strip

  • Corresponding drop zone


  • Multiple On-Road/Off-Road

  • Low-Speed Tech Track

  • High-Speed Rally Track

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Staff: 100% prior Special Operators


  • 50-Acre

  • 4160ft Paved Runway/6100ft DZ Flat Ranges

  • 360 Degree Dynamic Ranges

  • Two Story Live-Fire Shoot House

  • 500m Sniper Range

  • Mobility/Maneuver Range

  • Mounted/Dismounted Range

  • Demolition Range

  • Infil/Exfil HLZ

  • Clubhouse/Lodging/Kitchen

  • Conference Rooms/Lounge

  • Ammo/Demo Storage

  • Climate Controlled Weapons Vault

  • Force on Force / Role Players

  • AAR Support Via Drone Footage

  • SUAS Integration


  • MOUT/SOUC Site

  • Underground Facility

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Tier 1 Group

Facility Details:

  • 777-Acre Tactical Training Complex that is Federal, State, and Local deconflicted with zero fire/noise restrictions.

  • Multidiscipline, multi-echelon training to include:

    • Weapons & Tactics
    • Operational Medicine
    • Breaching and Dynamic Entry
    • On/Off- Road Tactical Driving
    • Airborne Operations
    • Signal Intelligence
    • Full Mission Profiles
  • 10-acre Live-Fire Wadi with Bomb Watch

  • 30-acre MOUT Village comprised of multiple complex structures

  • 8-acre Sand Wadi

  • CQB Training Center

  • 840m x 720m Drop Zone

  • Two Urban Sniper Hide Towers

  • Live-Fire Urban Combat Compound

  • Two Engineered Obstacle Courses

  • 100/150-yard Multipurpose Ranges

  • 300-yard 270o Multipurpose Range

  • 1000m Know & Unknown Distance Rifle Range

  • Multiple Off-site realistic target site options

  • On-Site Lodging for 300+ pax

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Shaw Shooting

Facility Details:

  • Paper Ranges

  • Pistol Ranges

  • Carbine Ranges

  • Shoot House

  • Long Range Venues

    • Bliss Range
    • Hensley Range
    • Martin Range
    • 100-yard Paper Range
  • 2 CQB/CQC Ranges called ‘Coliseum 1 & Coliseum 2’

  • Simulated City

    • 6 Acres of 360-degree areas of fire in sandy rural desert environment
  • On -Site Lodging

Training Services:

  • Pistol & Carbine

  • Mid-Long Range ‘DMR’

  • Low Visibility Operations

  • Close Quarters Battle (Coming Soon)

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Rampart Aviation

Training Services:

  • Pilot Training:

    • STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) Operations
    • Unimproved Airfields / Hot & High Operations
  • Aircraft Flight Training Expertise:

    • Fixed Wing NVG (Night Vision Goggles) Operation
    • Rotorcraft NVG (Night Vision Goggles) Operation
  • Military Freefall (Day/Night):

    • High-Altitude Low Opening (HALO)
    • High-Altitude High Opening (HAHO): up to 25,000 feet
  • Static Line:

    • Low level and high-altitude static line operations
  • Aerial Delivery:

    • Low Altitude (LCLA) bundle delivery system
    • Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (JPADS).
  • Advanced Military Freefall Instructor and Rigger Integration

  • Aerial Resupply

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  • Over 35 years of experience with advanced ISR aircraft
  • Based at Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR)

  • Hangar is 14,400 sq. ft. in total, with 10,800 sq. ft. of office space

    • Two (2) accredited Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) classrooms
  • More than 4,000 flight hours per year with no incidents

  • Core competencies include:

    • SIGINT, IMINT, and ISR System Integration
  • Advanced aerial platforms optimized to support various testing, training, or live operations

  • Maritime testing to include:

    • High speed, offshore, intercoastal
  • Mission-ready fleet to include:

    • C208B Grand Caravan
    • King Air B300 and 350
    • Citation CJ2
  • Pilots are trained to fly unusual flight profiles required for sensor testing, training, operations, and surveillance

  • FMV Operators provide training courses using discreet, access-controlled training

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Training Support:

  • Combat Marksmanship

  • Long Range Marksmanship

  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Training

  • Tactical Breaching

  • Urban Movement

  • Urban and Rural Mobility

  • Urban and Rural Reconnaissance

  • Special Activities

  • Climbing, High Angle Rescue

  • Mountain/ Alpine Operations Training

Signature Reduction:

  • Surveillance

  • Advanced Surveillance

  • Close Target Reconnaissance

  • Introduction to Surveillance Detection

  • Advanced Counter Surveillance and Signature Reduction

  • Site Exploitation and Evidence Collection Considerations

  • Austere Medical training

  • Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (as required)

  • Inter-agency Liaison and Planning Considerations

  • Capstone Exercise Support

Foreign Language Services:

  • Foreign Language Enabled Role Players

  • Foreign Language instruction

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Asymmetric Solutions

Special Warfare Center (North Florida):

  • 14,000 Sq. ft enclosed shoot house utilizing SIMMS and UTM

  • 3-story VBSS Tower Complex supporting Urban Sniper Packages, Fast Roping, and Rappelling.

  • 1 X 1300 yd-known distance range, 2 X 50 50yd 270 degree flat ranges, 2 X 100yd 270 degree flat ranges

  • Mounted and dismounted movement, small unit operations, and helo operations, short take off & landing

  • Maritime support 11m RIB, Safety Swimmers/Divers, Rescue Divers, Coxswains, Beach Landing sites, Live Fire Open Water SDZ’s, and local LE/Federal Maritime Support Assets

Subterranean Training Facilities (Missouri):

  • 2 X Tunnels: Over 2,900 Linear Feet

  • 6 X Vertical Shafts available for Tactical Ascent/Descent

  • 3 X High Powered Turbines to Remove Smoke or Induced/Simulated Gasses

  • Mechanized Vertical Shaft Tunnel 1000 Ft Below Surface

  • Over 15,000 Linear Ft Deep Underground System

  • 7,500 Linear Tunnel with Multiple Drifts: Size Ranges from: 28’ w X 14’ h to 30’ w X Over 100’ h

  • Explosive and Manual Breaching

  • Emergency Extraction Training

  • Special Technologies:

    • Real-Time Mapping
    • Launchable/Hand Deployable Gas Detection Sensors
    • Subterranean Communications System
    • Oxygen Breathing Apparatus (OBA)
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Reservoir International

Realistic Training Scenario Development:

  • Core Competencies:

    • All-aspect Training Exercise Development
    • Professional Role Player Support
    • Special Operations Focused Scenario Development and Management

Special Operations Training:

  • Executive Communications

  • Force Protections Courses

  • Law Enforcement & Security Training

  • Interpreter Validation & Certification

  • Personnel Recovery and Network Training

  • Cultural Engagement Team Training

  • Cultural Immersion Training

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Survival Systems

Survival Skills Training:

  • Team and Individual

    • Air
    • Water
    • Land

Course Categories:

  • Aviation Survival & Egress Training

  • General Emergency Duties

  • Army Aviation Training

  • Mobile Training

  • HUET for Offshore Wind

  • Sea Survival

  • Land Survival

  • High Altitude

  • Custom

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Oak Grove Technologies

Training Center:

  • 7680 sq. ft. multi-story shoot house

  • 50m x 50m small arms range designed to support a wide range of marksmanship training

  • 40’ Multi-purpose rappelling tower to support a broad range of training objectives

  • SIMMULITION® realistic trainer offering non-lethal, true-to-life scenario training

Cultural Training Center:

  • Five villages ranging in size and type such as Middle-Eastern, North African, South America, Western European, and Southeast Asia

  • Multi-room, multi-story, and multi-entry building as single room and single-entry buildings equipped with electricity and accessible on foot or by vehicle

  • Role players and livestock available for realistic training

Subterranean Training:

  • 500+ meters of corridors and tunnels, constructed rooms, lack of ambient light, stained communications, and tactical limitations to maneuver

  • Reconfigurable entry and exit points with breaching options at access points

  • Advance obstacles and traps

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Rigid Tactical

Maritime Training:

  • Large- and small-scale training vessels

  • Maritime special operations scenarios, including- boarding, clearing, and searching

  • Afloat Forward Staging Bases

  • Offshore Supply Vessels

  • Passenger Vessels

IED/EOD Training:

  • Design, assemble, and deploy IEDs.

    • Victim Operated Devices
    • Remote Operated Devices
    • Suicide Devices
    • Time Devices
    • Combination Device
  • SOF EOD Threat Assessment/RSP

  • EOD Integration to SOF

  • IED/EOD roles in SOF CBRN

Clandestine Methods of Entry:

  • Tactical Solutions to Covert Entries

    • Planning procedures and fill mission profiles
    • Close target reconnaissance and report formatting
    • Entries for commercial/residential/hotels/vehicles
    • Bypass methods and fabricated tools
    • SOP and TTP development
    • Covert searches and exploitation of the target
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Digital CM

Turnkey Immersive Content Development

  • 3D modeling of complex equipment
  • Digital twinning of operational, training, and/or future facilities

  • Immersive operations / collaboration center design
  • 2D to 3D conversion of digital artifacts for consumption in immersive spaces
  • Photogrammetric wide-area terrain digital twinning
  • 360-degree image and video site / event capture and digitization
  • #d-audio capture and configuration

Immersive / Virtual Training Curriculum Development

  • Weapon Assembly/Disassembly

  • Equipment Programming and Operations
  • Technical Training Classes

  • Traveler’s Awareness

  • Medical Trauma and Procedure Training

  • Active Shooter Training

  • Logistics and Manufacturing

  • Cultural Language Training

XRConnect360 (XRC360) Immersive Technology Platform

  • Turnkey & platform-agnostic enterprise platform for immersive content creation and remote / co-located collaboration

  • Web-based content import and organization supports standard 2D (Office, Adobe, Image, Video) and 3D (.GLB, .FBX, .KML, etc.) file formats

  • Rapidly configure virtual collaboration spaces and import content ahead of time or on-the-fly

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