Mayvin is a nine-time Inc. 5000 award honoree and recipient of multiple awards for exceptional corporate culture.

Our culture is shaped by our core values which emphasize “People Matter.”
Mayvin has been identified as one of the Best Places to Work in Virginia/DC.
This award-winning culture and unique benefits are keys to our 90+% retention success.
Mayvin Team Holiday Celebration

At Mayvin, the statement “People Matter” is more than just a hashtag or tagline, it is the way we talk, interact, and respect each other.

This is evident through our firm belief in maintaining upstanding business ethics and morals, and always treating individuals with dignity and respect. With the governing belief that “People Matter,” we acknowledge that our company achieves its success through the efforts of each team member.

The quality of our service depends on the ability of our employees to perform each task in a proficient and cost-effective manner. Mayvin supports our employees by providing opportunities for career advancement through training and/or education, as well as constant communication and feedback.

Our newly constructed collaboration center is a great outlet for creative thinking and has improved our evolving business process. We encourage and generate new ideas by trusting our people to deliver.

Company culture is an important aspect at Mayvin. Mayvin believes in the power of defining moments and their impact on the moral and happiness of employees. Beginning with an enhanced “First Day Experience,” newly hired Mayvin staff are integrated into our company culture and ethos. Each new employee brings a fresh perspective and skill set that is highly valued and cultivated. Every Mayvin employee, consultant, and subcontractor who work directly or indirectly with the company are required to fully understand, accept, and comply with our ethos, business values, and corporate morals.

Our vision at Mayvin is simple – To deliver operational excellence globally while demonstrating leadership, knowledge, and integrity. To do this, we operate under the following guiding principles – which we abbreviate as “ARTICLE.

Our Guiding Principles

A Accountability: We take responsibility for our decisions at the individual and corporate levels.

R Responsiveness: We adapt swiftly to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

T Teamwork: We create value through teamwork, treating one another with dignity and respect.

I Integrity: We adhere to the highest ethical code of conduct, which encapsulates sincerity, honesty, and dependability.

C Customer Focused: We put the mission of our clients first. We will find a ‘version of yes’ to support their needs.

L Leadership: We advocate leadership roles that uphold professionalism, responsibility, and motivation.

E Expertise: We deliver highly specialized technical guidance and recommendations to help our clients conquer tomorrow’s challenges.

The Mayvin Bill Of Rights

  • You have the right to intensely gather knowledge. Learn, learn, and learn some more. You do not have the right to be stagnant.

  • You have the right to bad ideas. And good ones. And everywhere in between. You do not have the right to be idle.

  • You have the right to be weird and different. We embrace everybody and you will be free from discrimination, rudeness, and  judgement. You must treat people with dignity and respect.

  • You have the right to know what is expected and be heard and listened to. Speak up and share your story. Mayvins are responsive to the needs of our clients and colleagues.

  • You have the right to a life outside of work. Leave work on-time and enjoy vacations, when possible. We work hard, but your family  matters first and foremost.

  • You have the right to be disruptive. You do not have the right to be impossibly difficult.

  • You have the right to advancement-professionally and personally. Have you asked what Mayvin can do for you?

  • You have the right to tackle big problems. Remember you cannot eat the elephant in one bite – gather knowledge, take the next step, use your teammates.

  • You have the right to be stressed out. Use that stress to find efficiencies, to find innovation and learn; the next time will be better.

  • You have the right to take ownership and feed and care for your own monkeys. Do not pass the buck.

Mayvin Gives Back

Mayvin takes its corporate social responsibility requirement seriously and encourages our employees to support our Armed Forces, Veterans, and charitable organizations within their local communities. The Mayvin brand is unique and is implemented well beyond the office. Our employees are constantly engaged in charity events and Mayvin’s benefits support these efforts to give back.

Mayvin’s Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Leave program creates opportunities for Mayvin employees to engage in volunteerism and serve the communities in which we live and work. Our program encourages employees to support activities that enhance their communities and the issues that impact quality of life. Employees can volunteer for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and are paid up to eight hours/one day per calendar year. Mayvin also provides a charitable donation/sponsorship match policy.

Mayvin’s Charity Spotlight (2022) supported wear blue: run to remember, whose mission is to honor the service and sacrifice of the American military through active remembrance.

Executive Leadership

Lisa E. Rosenthal

Chief Executive Officer


Pat McGovern

Chief Operating Officer


Victor Pirowski

Chief Financial Officer


Jason Porter

Executive Vice President of Strategy


Leadership Team

Sam “Slammer” Joseph

SOF Principal


Mike “Slappy” Samperton

International Senior
Operations Manager


Curt Wood

Director of Program Management


Dawn Beaulieu

Mayvin’s Program Manager


Tony Parmer

Senior Program Manager


Will Petit

Senior Program Manager


Human Resources, Business Development & Strategy

Rick Channell

Director of HR


Diane Bastin

Deputy Director of Human Resources


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