Mayvin Announces Launch of Body Worn Camera Analysis Division

Alexandria, VA – Mayvin is excited to announce the launch of our Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Analysis Division.  Mayvin enables Federal and State organizations with delivery and compliance with Executive Order 14074, “Advancing Effective, Accountable Policing and Criminal Justice Practices to Enhance Public Trust and Public Safety.”  Our BWC Analysts provide investigative analysis, FOIA review, video redaction, and intelligence analysis to the global law enforcement community.

Mayvin has emerged as a leader in providing law enforcement professional services—services that ensure the successful implementation and utilization of BWC technology. Mayvin’s expertise in investigative analysis has facilitated the extraction of valuable insights from the vast quantity of data captured by the cameras. These insights aid in the solving of crimes, evidence gathering, and ensuring officer and public safety.  Mayvin’s analysis of BWC video provides valuable data and actionable intelligence to enable informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

“We are honored to support the Federal law enforcement community in their body-worn camera initiatives,” said Tony Parmer, Mayvin’s Director of Operations – Department of Justice programs. “Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality professional services to assist law enforcement agencies in their mission to protect and serve the public. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and capabilities to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of body-worn camera programs, ultimately contributing to the safety and security of our communities.”

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About Mayvin:

Mayvin is a global technical and knowledge-based services company providing specialized Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance, Science & Technology, Test & Evaluation, and special activities to defense, civilian government, and Intelligence Community customers. Mayvin was founded by Lisa Rosenthal (CEO) and Victor Pirowski (CFO) in 2008 to provide “mayvins”: trusted experts in particular fields who seek to pass knowledge on to others and know and understand almost instinctively.