From Mayvin’s humble beginning, our people have made the difference.
They are definitely the secret sauce.

Most of our story – at least the really good parts – are all about our team and how they make us better.
The other part is how our company works tirelessly to ensure Mayvin is always the best place to work.

The Spirit
of the Mayvin

By definition, a “Mayvin” is a trusted expert in a particular field who seeks to pass knowledge on to others and one who knows and understands almost instinctively.

Wings, Beer, and Lasting Ideas!

Both Mayvin and the Marine Corps got their starts in a bar. For Mayvin, it was Bennigan’s

that location is now closed!

They’re Still Here!

The Mayvin family still has its two first corporate employees that have been here since the company’s founding in 2011!

Get Paid to Volunteer

We give our Mayvin employees, collectively,
1600 hours of paid leave annually to get out and volunteer (VTO benefit).

Cool Client. Cool Perks.

Mayvin’s first contract supported Polaris Defense – and we got to ride the newest ATVs!

Wax On. Wax Off.

Mayvin has personnel who are certified from Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt all the way to Master Black Belt.

Transfer Activate

Two Mayvinites inputted 48,949 pieces of data
to complete a transition to the Unanet accounting system!

We Win Stuff

Mayvin’s award-winning workplace culture has won corporate awards from companies like Inc 5000, Best Companies Group, Washington Business Journal, and more!

We Like Hanging Out

We host monthly employee engagement initiatives covering everything from fitness, photos, and sports. There is something for everyone!

Let’s Party!

We travel across the country to attend eight parties in less than two weeks to celebrate the holiday season with our employees.

Oh, the places we’ll go!

Mayvin hosts an annual weekend away in various locations
like the mountains, city, or coastline, to bring our entire company together.

About Growth

The adinkra on Mayvin’s company logo symbolizes knowledge and lifelong education, which is why every year Mayvin sponsors $1M toward certification and education for our employees.

Wait, what!?!

After five years of service with Mayvin, employees are gifted a trip of their choosing!

More Than
Lip Service

We have donated to 48 different charities over the past 2 years alone!

(check out our Mayvin Gives Back page)

We Care
About Our People

Mayvin’s “Save the TaTas” campaign pays for 3D Mammograms for every woman in the company!

Certified &

Mayvin has Agile and PMP Certified SMEs around the country!

Your Best Friend, Is Our Best Friend

We care about our people, AND also about Fido and Spot – we offer pet insurance!

Or Bust!

When Mayvin received our first government contract, it involved CEO Lisa driving across the country (with her dad) to Washington, renting a house sight unseen, and proceeding to fully furnish it from garage sales!

We May Have
A Sugar Addiction

In our Mayvin headquarters, we have more sugar than a Willy Wonka factory!