Mayvin Joins BIONIC Initiative with Industry and Academia to Tackle National Security Threats

Alexandria, VA Mayvin joined Bowie State University (BSU), The Maryland Center at Bowie State University, and multiple other industry and academia partners to support BIONIC (Bowie State’s Influence Operations National Innovation Center). BIONIC is designed to leverage research in artificial intelligence, publicly available information, and cognitive/human behavioral sciences to combat adverse misinformation campaigns, and will engage BSU students to help assess, analyze, and deploy the benefits of an integrated approach to detect, deter, and defeat dangerous malign/adversarial information campaigns that can threaten our national security. “We are very excited to support the work being done through this initiative, and recognize the very real impacts that mis- and disinformation campaigns can have on our nation’s security,” said Jason Porter, Executive Vice President for Strategy at Mayvin, Inc. 

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