Mayvin Joins National Center for Simulation

Orlando, FL (May 27, 2021) – Mayvin, Inc., a woman-owned small business with a distinguished reputation in Florida’s Special Operations Community, has become a member of the Orlando-based National Center for Simulation (NCS), joining the organization’s league of industry members in the modeling, simulation, and training community.

“Mayvin does not need much introduction to the Central Florida MS&T ecosystem. They have been a reliable and trusted partner to many of our member companies, delivering innovative capabilities to the tip of the spear for over a decade,” said Neal Finkelstein, COO of NCS. “We are looking forward to working together and creating valuable products and solutions for the Modeling, Simulation and Training industry.”

#NCSNation is a not-for-profit trade association with government, academic, and industry members operating as an open consortium. NCS’ vision is to be the internationally recognized leader in promoting, protecting, and growing the modeling, simulation, and training community.

“Mayvin is proud to join NCS and seek opportunities to work with industry partners in the emerging technology sector,” said Lisa Rosenthal, CEO of Mayvin. “We look forward to strengthening our relationship with NCS and pursuing partnerships within the defense industry.”

Mayvin applies innovative techniques to enhance mission support services across multiple domains including Engineering Services, Cyber Operations, Operations Management, and Technology Integration and Evaluation for Government organizations, associated Combatant Commands, Allies, and partners. Mayvin consistently delivers operational excellence with demonstrated knowledge and integrity.